Welcome to Earth

Picture this, a planet called Earth, and on this planet called Earth are cats with human like features. Not just ordinary cats mind you, but cats that pride themselves on being geniuses. You see, every cat on planet Earth is a genius at something. Every cat except for one particular kitten named, Squeak.

This particular Kitten named Squeak is attracted to sounds and thus, has only one thing on his mind; and that is to imitate those unique sounds as he simultaneously shakes, rattles and wiggles his body. All of the other cats on this planet think he’s loco; off his rocker; lost his marbles; and is living, “La Vida Loca.” After all, there is no such thing as music or dance on this planet.

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Fast forward one “cat year,” and it was deja vu as Squeak accidentally trips, falls and stumbles onto what seems like a caved-in underground subway tunnel (an end result of the plasma storms) that leads to the “F-ZONE.” Only this time, Squeak’s curiosity begins to get the best of him.

When Squeak and his tag-a-long friend named Scruff set “PAWS” into the “F-ZONE,” and Squeak mutters to Scruff, “Curiosity killed the cat,” something goes wrong…. almost “DEAD WRONG” for the two abandoned and lost, but yet, adventurous cats.

subwayIt is here, in the “F-ZONE” (The “A” Train Subway Station) that Squeak discovers that: 1) There is such a thing as musical beats, dance and music; 2) He is not “LOCO” after all, and that he too, is a genius just like all the other cats on planet Earth. The only difference is that, he is a genius in the “Arts,” Music and Dance; and 3) His purpose in life is to use music as a universal language to not only bring about love, peace and harmony on planet Earth, but to use music as a vehicle to rebuild “New York City” (KATKINGDOM STYLE). What’s more, it is here, in the remains of a collapsed underground subway station, tucked away in the “F-ZONE” that Squeak earns the nickname, “Flashy Dancer,” because of his unorthodox dancin’ moves and his flashy dancin’ shoes.

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